Managed Security services

Managed Security services

Increase operationally and cost efficiencies with complete data and voice management solutions, backed by our team of professionals. Managed Network Services delivers support for your data and voice solutions 24/7 and 365 days a year so you can focus on your main business. We assist you to increase to new sites, upgrading bandwidth, and managing your equipment. Our crew is your crew.

Technology can provide only 20% of a mature cyber security program. LEELAJAY is a technology-agnostic approach to provide the most effective amalgamation of monitoring, hunting, response, and intelligence according to your existing technology stack, system requirements, and maturity level, focusing primarily on operational intelligence and investigative skills.

We merged progressive detection and hunting technology with the LEELAJAY team of responders to deliver robust coverage 24x7. We are in the trenches everyday hunting and mitigating threats globally.

See how our managed detection and response solution, LEELAJAY Responder works:
  • Advisory
  • Our crew of security leaders of industries helps executives, security, and technology teams safeguard information assets while supporting business operations with augmented cyber expertise. Services are custom-made to your exact situation and information security needs, covering important areas such as strategy definition, assessment, oversight, and training to enhance the “security IQ” of your entire organization.

  • Security Program Assessment
  • Cyber risk specialists conduct a detailed assessment of your cyber security program’s maturity level, highlighting your organization’s ability to defend against and answer to cyber security threats affecting your information assets and to mitigate the risk of a security breach.

  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • LEELAJAY certified ethical hackers work with your team to design simulated cyberattacks based on real-world tactics, techniques, and processes we investigate every day. We can structure blue, red, or purple team exercises with the ultimate objective of identifying weaknesses and testing technical, operational, and cultural controls to offer actionable recommendations to strengthen overall security and resilience.

  • Cyber Due Diligence
  • Assess the cyber security risk of acquisition or investment targets. Cyber due diligence services can be efficiently performed in combination with standard due diligence services. Diligence assessments include security risk assessments, dark web exposure, examination, and penetration testing.

  • Security Culture Training and Phishing Exercises
  • Onsite or online security culture training modified to your association based on industry-specific topics, boosted by periodic phishing exercises to aid harden defenses against critical threats such as commercial email compromise and wire fraud.

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • We continuously monitor your organization’s data exposure from corporate credentials to trade secrets to confidential financial documents and more, helping reduce the risk of costly cyberattacks and reputational damage.

  • Social Media Threat Monitoring
  • A potential primary warning system for negative publicity, politically exposed individuals, high-profile hires, or threats of violence. LEELAJAY can conduct a one-time review of a subject’s social media presence or provide ongoing monitoring for real-time threat alerts.

    The LEELAJAY provides Managed Security Services (MSS) to help Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) organizations develop their cybersecurity. These services monitor devices for signs of malicious or anomalous activity, eliminate false positives and escalate only actionable items as an alert.

    Managed Security Services alleviates alerts and logs fatigue by filtering out all of the incorrect positives and only “alerts” on what is impactful. The removal of false positives saves an organization time and effort in reviewing possible threats. As a result, organizations expend more time focused on their core mission and less time worrying about cybersecurity.

    How does Managed Security Services work?
    • A Log Collection Stage is established
    • Accenture receives all logs and delivers an initial, automated review
    • Events are examined and proved as legitimate or false positives
    • If an event requires growth, an alert is sent to the organization in accordance with pre-established escalation procedures if necessary
    • Scheduled reporting provided of all activity
    How LEELAJAY can aid you:

    LEELAJAY as a Managed Security Services provider knows the customer’s vital needs and offers a varied range of security services that use cutting-edge technologies. Our services assist you to manage security systems effectively and protecting your assets 24/7 from rapidly ever-changing security threats.

    LEELAJAY, as a reliable partner, is knowledgeable in providing custom-made, simplified, and cost-saving security services to patrons. We also provide Managed Network service for our clients. Our security operations use proven methodologies and process which is delivered to you based on your specific requirements. Below is the list of services provided for 360⁰ protection for your information assets.

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