Managed IT Audit Services

Managed IT Audit Services

Previously you hand over your business’s network to a Managed IT Service Provider, like LEELAJAY, for maintaining your IT services, the first step in the onboarding process is an audit. An audit lets us check your network for any present difficulties, aids us to know your IT needs to be enhanced and allows us to quote more accurately for our managed services.

Managed IT services audit is significant as it gives a vision into your IT environment, and what hardware and software you have or require. It similarly gives us a chance to gather your user count. By actively looking through your technology stack, we get an impression of the complexity of your environment.

The management audit is a comprehensive examination of an organization or one of its components. The management audit is applied to recognize problems or important weaknesses in the organization or company, thus offering management a tool to address and restore the problem area. We offer aid to customers in managing their key business concerns, be it achieving strategic business goalmouths, meeting operative challenges, complying with controlling norms, or managing reporting necessities. Our Management Audit services are planned to meet individual client-specific requirements. Our experienced team of auditors assists our clients in managing their key business concerns, be it reaching strategic business goals, meeting operational challenges, complying with regulatory norms, or managing reporting requirements.

The LEELAJAY crew has been associating with companies for years to aid them to understand and implement solutions relating to a fast-changing technology environment. Using that same sense of teamwork and partnership, we offer Information Technology (IT) audit services focused on aiding clients to reduce risk while growing productivity and efficiency.

We assess IT general controls and system applications and integrate information technology throughout the audit process. Our unique approach seeks to automate and improve internal controls. The management team at LEELAJAY averages over 12 years of involvement in information technology, audit, and risk management services. Our personnel has the education, required abilities, and specialized industry certifications necessary to contribute to the achievement of your group.

We have worked with many corporations and industries, from business start-ups to multi-billion dollar entities. Our hands-on experience has given us first-hand knowledge of the issues and the challenges your association faces. This experience allows us to provide time-proven and state-of-the-art recommendations, as well as economical solutions, with minimum disturbance to your operations. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and responsiveness to your requirements.

  • Our IT Audit Method
  • Increases risk exposure awareness
  • Grows tailored audit plans
  • Improves risk management processes
  • Strengthens the internal control structure
  • Develops IT and business processes, and raises efficiency
  • Increases value through proven, innovative solutions

Our IT audit services offer an independent and objective review of an organization’s IT infrastructure, control configuration, and regulatory compliance through in-depth testing and skilled analysis. As part of our IT audit services, our crew collects and evaluates evidence of your organization’s technical controls, policies and processes, and other related documentation to ensure the obtainability, confidentiality, and honesty of mission-critical systems and data. Our crew works directly with you to ensure efficiency throughout the audit process.

LEELAJAY’S auditors keep several professional certifications, including Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Our IT audit service area expands throughout Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and New England but is not limited to these states.

Why Hire LEELAJAY for Managed Services?
  • Technical information and industry experience
  • At LEELAJAY, we believe that sound technical knowledge, deep industry experience, and thought leadership are essential aspects of leading our clients through technology transformation. From IT monitoring and help desk support to security, threat protection, and disaster recovery, we apply all our learnings and collective knowledge from working with hundreds of clients to provide the best service to our clients.

  • Strategy and innovation
  • Investing in modernizing an organization’s infrastructure is vital for you to be able to compete in the digital economy. Our IT services team can aid you to build and orchestrate a strategy that supports your group.

  • The big picture
  • We aid you to grow, adapt and change your network designs to suit your occupational needs. We look at areas such as bandwidth and resilience as well as how you intend to use your infrastructure going forward.

  • We have your back
  • From an initial assessment through to design, implementation, management, and optimization services, we have your back as we improve your network infrastructure.

  • Reduced risks
  • We deliver secure connectivity to you based on a reference architecture that can meet your individual requirements.

  • Compliance
  • Our security and compliance service will assist you to design, integrate and transform your infrastructure so you have the right protection to compete in the digital economy.

    An effective IT strategy should always be based on an IT audit report. It gives an overview of your IT world, and what hardware and software you have or need. Today technology is the backbone of most businesses. For your IT company to save your cloud we provide Managed IT audit services and to secure them, we provide Managed security services. LEELAJAY provide all type of IT required services for your corporation.

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