Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud is becoming a natural choice for worldwide organizations as it not only allows digital transformation for corporations but offers flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and much extra. Moving to the cloud is surely an excessive way to enhance operational effectiveness but managing cloud infrastructure is a daunting task. Corporations need to take care of numerous things such as

(a.) preventive maintenance

(b.) problem management

(c.) change management and much more.

A well-managed service provider can aid corporations to leverage the cloud infrastructure in the finest way. We have outlined an infographic that talks about how cloud-managed service providers can benefit companies moving to the cloud or aspiring to move to the cloud.

Why would you select a Managed Cloud Service?
  • Fixed, recurrent costs:
  • More repeatedly than not, you get into a contract with a managed cloud service provider on a custom-made plan and pay a secure monthly charge towards those services.

  • No future-proofing worries:
  • When it comes to technology, modification is the only constant! So, if you hire an in-house IT crew to succeed in your cloud, you will require to spend time, effort, and resources to sometimes train the team. If you choose a managed cloud service provider, you needn’t concern yourself with this it is the service provider’s responsibility to deliver a specialized service through their skilled specialists.

  • 24×7 security:
  • Regularly, service level agreements for managed cloud services include round-the-clock cloud monitoring, data migration, and support so you can be assured of enhanced security across your cloud environment.

  • Optimal management of hybrid/multi-cloud:
  • The finest way to make the most of cloud computing is to mix and match dissimilar clouds. With the correct managed cloud services partner, you can rest guaranteed that your workloads are being managed optimally, according to your unique significance.

    With a trustworthy managed cloud service provider, you can make the maximum of your cloud environment and be secure in its smooth and efficient running deprived of capacity, bandwidth, or security issues. LEELAJAY offers managed cloud services that range from aiding you to choose and design your hybrid cloud environment and applying your cloud migration plan to its continued management and monitoring. To know more, get in touch with us now!

    How we can aid you to realize your cloud vision

    LEELAJAY Managed Cloud Services aids you to focus on the business approach and moves the focus from day-to-day administrative tasks. Through our cloud management security solutions, we assist you to automate our practices over single, multiple, and hybrid cloud deployments and make the transition to the cloud a reality through:

    • Automation and self-service abilities that aid you to deliver value
    • Quality pricing, delivery, and management models
    • Ensuring the greatest security and compliance standards
    How LEELAJAY can aid: -

    As a managed cloud service provider, Leelajay proposes made-to-order solutions that offer scalability and seamless deployment capabilities through an integrated approach:

    • Rapid cloud deployments configured and tailored to your business requirements
    • Improved compliance and security features
    • Scalability and agility through pay-as-you-go models
    • High output through effective resource utilization
    • Constant leadership from planning strategies to executing them
    • Business permanency with ease in dealing with heavy workloads
    Benefits of Managed Cloud Services if choose us

    Repeatedly considered less exclusive than in-house management, Cloud Managed Services provide a wide a range of business benefits, such as:

    • Robust Infrastructure:
    • Supported by day-and-night management and effective network infrastructure, Managed Cloud Service Provider offers robust infrastructure support.

    • Centralized Services and Applications:
    • We manage all applications and services at a central data center. Thus, there is scope for increased output, effective resource utilization, and adequate storage and backup, among other advantages.

    • Data Safety and Recovery:
    • Cloud managed services assure data safety and primary access through timely backups and faster recovery across all cloud services and applications. Therefore, the core objective of business continuousness is achieved.

    • Quick Response Time:
    • We take the charge and ensure quick response time in case of any problem saving you valued time and exertion.

    • Planned Investment:
    • We offer you support to strategy your spending on IT services. Fix a monthly service plan custom-made for your organizational IT spending and optimize your investment in IT support.

    • Integrated Services:
    • Our Cloud services offer flexible solutions that match your business need. Some offer pay-per-usage or payment plans serving you to prioritize your business spending.

      Why LEELAJAY

      LEELAJAY offers a modified, profitable, and sound business approach to aid you to stay relevant in a highly competitive market. It’s not mere data migration -Through our cloud management platform, we aid you to develop a fresh perspective and adapt an organizational mindset for establishing critical business applications and meeting business objectives.

      As a cloud-managed services provider, we set up, Managed IT Audit service to protect your cloud environment and audit your IT needs. So you can focus on growing your business. Capable of deploying innovative platform solutions to allow your digital transformation and evolution.

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