IT Facility Management Services

IT Facility Management Services

Nowadays everything depends on information technology Without this, no business will be able to grow. IT is needed in every business, so if your company is an IT company then you have to hire the best service provider for your company. Without this, the performance of your company may be underneath.

We all know, the needs and requirements of information technology. Now the question is, your company is an IT company? Are you looking for an IT Facility Management service for your company? if yes, you are on the right stage. We LEELAJAY as a leading IT management company provide the best and most pocket-friendly services for our patrons.

If you are taking IT facility management services from us, then you should be fully aware of it. Please come with us, we will tell you what is IT facility management service is and what you can take from us under it.

Why there is a need for IT facility management services

It is cost-effective to manage and protect your enterprise networks, systems, and applications. It comprises an integrated computing and networking services suite, all under single management. The services include several IT facility management services solutions like AMC of Hardware, Network and Software Infrastructure as personalized service, Occupant Engineer, Server Management Services, Network Management Services, Email Configuration Management Services, and many more

By trusting us with our advanced IT facility management tasks, we make sure smooth delivery of the system. This helps you to focus on your main business thereby reducing operational costs, stress, and the most important thing time, so you can focus on your development, while we focus on the betterment of your IT Infrastructure.

Our facility management services include:
  • AMC of Hardware, Network, and Software Infrastructure as a personalized service
  • Server Management Services
  • Network Management Services
  • Email Configuration Management Services
  • IT Security and Firewall Management Services
  • Resource Management Services
  • Client Helpdesk for on-telephone direction
  • Information Backup and Restore service
AMC of Hardware, Network, and Software Infrastructure as a personalized service

AMC stands for Annual Maintenance Contract. In AMC, we usually provide service support to the customer and charge for the faulty parts of the machine and we also provide customized solutions that will not only suit your company's needs but also gives you the latest in technology. It contains maintenance, regular checkups, and routine work to regulate the performance of the device.

Server Management Services

We provide technical support for web hosting servers based on Linux and windows based platform, and cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. We will available to manage your entire online server infrastructure to make your business rapid growth with 100% uptime.

Network Management Services

Network management services are a broad term but still consist of a variety of individual services provided to your business. These services are network maintenance, monitoring of attached network devices, monthly status reporting, implementation of upgrades

Email Configuration Management Services

Email configuration management service is a setup, its installation, configuration, and maintenance everything is handled by our team. Once it is done correctly, you can enjoy the experience of the email services. To build a connection with your customers and clients, you need to have a good sense of communication. Emails it is a medium through which you can stay connected with them, guide the clients, co-workers, and customers about their work status, and lots more.

IT Security and Firewall Management Services

Firewall management services (also known as MSSPs, or Managed Security Service Providers), As third-party providers we manage and maintain your firewall infrastructure. we administer, operate, maintain and monitor the infrastructure too. we also help establish, maintain, and monitor firewall rule control which infrastructure to install and also manage multiple firewalls in a variety of network topologies, manage changes to firewall policies, perform regular firewall audits and monitor compliance with key regulations such as PCI DSS.

Resource Management Services

It is built on a solid foundation of ethics, experience, reliability, and quality. Oversight and auditing of third-party vendors have been the core of our company's products and services offerings. our extensive consulting work with companies throughout the different locations. it will your organization ensure compliance with laws, rules, and regulations, while also improving efficiencies and minimizing risk. It not only protects the consumers but creates stronger and more effective relationships between the client and the vendor. By providing an unbiased and independent source of this oversight and audit.

Client Helpdesk for on-telephone direction

we build Call Centre Software Compatible with Every Business Call center services are demanding services in the major part of industries. With the voice and digital support, call center services are growing and people also prefer to have them served through phone calls in most cases. People seek the quick and prompt services, therefore, they opt to call directly to the service center or offices to resolve their problems

Information Backup and Restore service

The process of creating and storing copies of data that can be used to protect organizations against data loss is not about hacking, or security it is important for the company to plan for the future and put data backup systems into place in case something happens, well before it happens. we are using an offsite server or separate drives

you don't have to worry about our services as we have Certified & Industry Experts Trainers with Strong Domain Expertise in IT facility management services and IT INFRASTRUCTURE CONSULTING. We have the Proficient in deploying cutting-edge cloud platform solutions to enable digital transformation and evolution.

We connect with your long-term vision as your trusted companions and get you to the most suitable strategy for the cloud transition. Most of our employees are Certified & Industry Experts Trainers with Expertise in Leading Cloud Offerings.

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